Saturday, 28 February 2015

Happy holi wallpaper 2015 for girlfriends with sms

Everybody Boys, Girls, Kids are waiting for holi which is know as the festival of colors which is coming on 5 March 2015. Because it's not only festival of color but also a joy. Here we are sharing with you happy holi wallpaper 2015 to impress your girlfriends. just download it and share with your girlfriends to wish a happy holi greetings on their mobile phone, whatsapp, facebook timeline and other social sites.Play Safe while your spreading color to each other on holi with your friends and try to save water as possible as u can.

We are providing here Happy Holi 2015 HD Wallpaper for Facebook Timeline Cover, and Whatsapp. This is the latest wallpapers of 2015 for Facebook timeline covers and also for whatsapp. Latest and best of all times holi wallpaper for this 2015 year are being uploaded here. Share this Happy Holi HD Wallpaper 2015 with your family, friends, loved ones and relatives 

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Wish a Happy holi 2015 in Different Indian Languages

Holi is a very popular festival and occasion of indian country and India is country of so many cultures and All indian States of people are spoken Different langauges. Here we show a How to say Happy Holi on this 2015 year in Different Indian Languages. Holi is the festival which mostly celebrated in India. in other languages Holi is a festival of colors. Holi (Dhulandi) is an old ancient which is past story of Hindu religious. Every one searching on that net about what is Holi ? how they celebrate if you are looking for the same thing than you are welcome on our site which is specially created for Holi Festival 2015. Holi is also celebrated Mostly in the South Asia and also in the other communities outside India and in Asia. Holi Festival celebrations start a night before Holi with a bonfire named Holika. On the very next morning after the Holi Festivla People celebrated as a Dhuleti, which is also know as a festival of color. All the people pray first to their God and then all relatives gather together and play with color by throwing each other color and enjoy the full day with joy. On this occasion boys and girls put colors on each other, the colors are dry powder of different colors and also with colored waters on everyone. Small kids play with Colorful water guns filled with colored water and also Play and throwing colored balloons. 

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Happy Holi 2015 Slogan and Saying in Text

First of Wish you a Happy Holi 2015. Holi is celebrated in All over India in different style. Some of celebrated with playing color, Some one are sending holi sms wishes and someone are Updating and sending holi slogan and saying on social networking site facebook, google+ and whatsapp. This is brand new trend to send a festival holi wish by sending holi text message, slogan and saying to their friends and relatives.

Check out here collection of Holi slogan and saying for this year 2015

  • This Holi I wish you play it safe and keep our environment clean. Play eco-friendly Holi 2015.
    Nature has always loved us and now its time for us to love it back, play safe Holi and love nature.
  • Its better to be safe and sound than a disaster at Holi 2015. Play eco-friendly and safe Holi 2015.
  • if you love your friends and family then you would not harm them with chemicals and will play eco-friendly Tilak holi on  Holi 2015 .
  • Its always to be safe than getting onto trouble in Holi.
  • Holi is to enjoy and not to harm your friends and family members so play natural Holi 2015.
  • We are blessed with nature’s gift so thank nature by playing safe and eco-friendly Holi 2015.
  • Holi is the day to express love with colors. It is a time to show affection. All the colors that are on you are of love!
  • Let the colors of Holi spread the message of peace and happiness.
  • Dipped in hues of love and trust has come the festival of Holi.
  • Play Eco-Friendly holi- Save water- Play Tilak Holi -- wish you a happy holi
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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Holi 2015 sms Messages in Tamil 140 character

Check out here the holi festival 2015 short and 140 character sms messages in Tamil can use this Happy Holi 2015 SMS Wishes in Tamil Languages to your friends, family, relatives and also share on this holi sms on Facebook, Whatsapp and BBM. In this blog you can also find Holi 2015 HD Wallpapers Facebook Status Photos WhatsApp Text Messages Images Greetings Cards and holi Recipes and Songs list ecards Gift Ideas.check out full holi wallpaper 2014 here

Happy Holi 2015 sms Messages in Tamil 140 character

Holi timelu to Reach Out jothalu colours of joy
A timelu prema And forgive
Adhi timelu Expresses the santhosham of
Being premanu and to be preminchadam
Through Colorslu Expresses chesatham.

God Gift neku anotha
Colours of mee jeevithamlu
Colours of joy Colours of
Santhosham Colours of
Prema and colours of
Snehitham and anotha
Others colours neeku
Kavalante to paint in
Mee jeevithamlu haapy holi

E-Panduga of Colours
Thisukone vasuthindi
Nowunu to lips ki
Twinkle in mee kallalu
And cheer in mee
Happy Holi 2014 !!

Me ja ja jovu hu,
Mane tharo chahero dikhto hai,
Ii thaaro kusur nathi,
Salo sab chahero aaj rangeelo hai,
Holi Mubarak!
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